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Winter Workouts - Coeur D'alene Press: Fit For Life

Mets players reportedly paying to attend workouts at team facility | Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports

Here again, if faced with a small window of time to train, only having to do triceps would be great. Knowing you only have a small amount of time will actually work to your benefit, allowing you to fully concentrate on only one body part at a time. Imagine going to the gym and having to train only your triceps! That would be super!
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Ways to get the most out of lifting weights | Times News Online

Think an agent told me they asked $1,000 from minor leaguers.RT @SaltyGary : is it true players are paying for this out of their own pockets? Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) January 15, 2015 They're pushing envelope of what's permissible in terms of sponsored offseason workouts. Almost seems like there's penalty for not attending Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) January 15, 2015 That was the earliest information from ESPN New York's Adam Rubin on Thursday. He has since followed up on Friday, reporting that a source told him players are being charged $4,400 as major leaguers and $1,000 as minor leaguers to attend workouts overseen by new strength and conditioning consultant, Mike Barwis.If that name sounds familiar, Barwis is also the star of the TV show American Muscle, which airs on Discovery Channel. The workout is legit, but it turns out the Mets involvement may not be as deep this website as it originally appeared. Here's more from Rubin: The Mets made several points in defense of the structure, including that Barwis is an independent contractor using Mets facilities, that players are provided three meals daily, and that it would cost money for the players to hire trainers in the offseason anyway.
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/mets-players-reportedly-paying-to-attend-workouts-at-team-facility-020806624.html

All you need is a good pair of tennis shoes." Bundle up properly Learn to layer your clothes for maximum comfort when working out in the cold. You'll be warming up and cooling down quickly, so choose a base layer of a thin T-shirt - long sleeves or short - and add a jacket or another type of outer layer that can be easily removed. Wear clothing made of a moisture-wicking fabric that draws sweat away from your body. These fabrics are usually wool, silk or synthetic materials made of polyester and nylon. "You don't want to wear anything that's cotton because they don't evaporate the sweat fast enough, so your clothes can become cold and damp," Corb says.
Source: http://www.cdapress.com/news/fit_for_life/article_259e4bbb-a07f-57f7-8282-a773ad37a5db.html

Explaining my leg-lifting workouts makes two important points about lifting weights in general. First, you can't ever and I really mean ever judge the exercises you do or the amount of weight you use against anybody else. Second, you have to have a clear-cut goal in mind to achieve optimal results. Many years ago, I lifted weights in the winter in a manner similar to a bodybuilder, and I would gain muscle size and body weight as a result. One old workout log shows that I ended one bicycling season at 168 pounds and then gained 13 pounds in the next eight weeks.
Source: http://www.tnonline.com/2015/jan/17/ways-get-most-out-lifting-weights

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