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Fasterskier.com ? Wednesday Workout: Tour De Ski Prologue Prep With Diggins

We almost never race prologues, and its such a funny distance at 3 km, but in the start of the Tour de Ski we race one! Diggins, 23, explained in an email. I like to click here! take an interval workout and turn it into a time trial to practice my pacing and tempo for a 3km. If I have good energy that day, Ill do two of them, so that I can play around with my pacing and tactics and learn from the different times. Ill also skate it since for whatever reason it seems like the World Cup prologues are usually skate, she added. The workout takes about 1:45 to 2 hours from start to finish. 30 minute warmup: just skiing easy 5-8 minute Level 3 to get my body going and warm up my lungs Ski back to the start area, start first prologue. I will have mapped out a course beforehand figured out where about 3km is on the trail and given myself a fairly realistic course.
Full story: http://fasterskier.com/article/wednesday-workout-tour-de-ski-prologue-prep-with-diggins/

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