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Fitness Challenge Underway to Help Those With Multiple Sclerosis [VIDEO]

He may not get the volume of goals that Gary Hooper got but if you look at his record, I think it is one in two games in Scottish football, so he is one I wouldn't want to go. "I just want him to play the way he has in the last three years, he has weighed in with a lot of important goals and the volume of assists is very good." The Northern Irishman praised his players' performance despite the chances missed before Stokes got an 87th minute winner. He said: "Even if we had drawn I would still have been pleased with the overall performance. I thought we were terrific today and deserved to win the game. There was a real zest and pace about us, our movement and passing was good and on another day we could have racked up a good score.
Source: http://au.eurosport.com/football/lennon-waits-on-boerrigter-fitness_sto3869492/story.shtml

Fitness Challenge aims to get kids fit this summer

The event was created by David Lyons, who also suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, as a way to help those with MS try and fight this disease like he did. My goal was to get on a body building stage as soon as I can to prove to the world that even though I had MS I could still overcome this disease, says Lyons. This 12 week program with pair those who have MS with a trainer and help build the muscles that the disease trys to take away. Were trying to help them create a goal and help them achieve the next level of fitness, or mobility or better living, says Fitness Evolution Club Owner Brad Kloss. Throughout the day Fitness Evolution, in Sartell, will hold a live auction, zumbathon, food vendors, silent auction, as well as a live concert from Country Music Singer Julie Roberts which will start at 2:00 p.m. Im very blessed that I can travel around singing my music and telling people about MS, says Roberts, who also has MS. And telling those with it you can come and work out, and you can live a normal life, and you can follow your dreams. All the proceeds from the auction will then go into funding for trainers and memberships to those participating in the MS Fitness Challenge.
Source: http://wjon.com/fitness-challenge-underway-to-help-those-with-multiple-sclerosis-video/

Since Jawbone Up tracks sleep patterns as well, Appirio employees have taken it upon themselves to make sure that their coworkers are coming to work rested and at their best. The ability to me to be just conscious and aware, and frankly have other people on the teamincluding our corporate trainergive me grief like, Barbin, you only had two hours of deep sleep last night, get some more sleep, leads to [more sleep] and more productivity during the day, where you dont have the lulls youd normally have,he said. Equally important is how the program has brought employees together socially. Literally,people are posting all day long [on Salesforce Chatter], challenging one another, giving one another motivationor grief, Barbin raved. Appirio is just starting to break down the data, but the early results are impressive.Athird of the participants have lost 10 pounds or more. A dozen employees have moved from a high-risk cholesterol level to moderate risk, thanks to the personal trainer sessions.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/centurylink/2013/08/01/how-a-virtual-fitness-plan-pushed-300-coworkers-to-lose-weight/

With a few interface switch flips, you can turn on Bluetooth syncing via the app so that you can drop in to see your progress at will (though the app is not able to access the Bluetooth chips of all phones, even if they are Bluetooth 4 ). You can view your historical progress and do things like enter activities or log food consumed for the day within the Fitbit app, but it is not laid out the best it could be. For example, you can see how many hours of sleep you logged in the main interface, but to see your wakeup/sleep-time spread, you have to burrow into the More menu and then select sleep. By contrast, the two types of information are presented together in the Web interface. The food logging interface for the Fitbit Flex...
Source: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/07/the-great-fitness-band-shootout/

The great fitness band shootout

While Star Trek tricorders are still a few years away, a welter of fitness related gadgets have been entering the market now, from sports watches to gimcracks for smartphones. Specialized sport watches that track your training progress have been available for years, but previously most were aimed at semi-serious athletes, those training for a marathon or triathlon. The new wave of fitness gadgets are more straightforward and designed for a wider audience, from those looking to slim down to runners who want to reach particular goals. Here's max workouts pdf download a sampling of some the latest fitness gadgets. TomTom Runner GPS Watch, $170 Navigation company TomTom knows GPS, so it's not a surprise the company wants to help runners improve their routes this summer. The TomTom Runner is a slick, no-hassle sports watch designed to help runners monitor their workouts and progress.
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2013/07/31/three-for-road-fitness-gets-in-gear/

Three for the road: Fitness gets in gear

Returning for a second year, this hugely successful scheme, which saw more than 2,000 children across Sussex take part in 2012, aims to motivate youngsters to increase their levels of physical activity during the school summer holidays and promote a healthier lifestyle. This years challenge, which started on July 22, runs to September 8 and is completely free to all participants between the ages of 4 14. Each child participating in the challenge receives a free fitness diary to record all their activities and, for every 10 they complete, they will receive a reward. The aim is to complete 30 physical activities throughout the course of the summer holidays, collecting rewards as they go and receiving a certificate at the end. Rewards include fun fitness toys such as frisbees, tennis balls and yo-yos as well as vouchers for activities like family swimming or badminton. Participants can register for the challenge at Bexhill Leisure Centre or Bexhill Leisure Pool, or alternatively sign up online at www.freedom-leisure.co.uk MORE STORIES
Source: http://www.bexhillobserver.net/news/local/fitness-challenge-aims-to-get-kids-fit-this-summer-1-5347480

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